Lauryl Myristyl Alcohol


:   Dodecan-1-ol Tetradecan-1-ol

Cas Number

:   68855-56-1

HS Code

:   3823.70.20




Basic Info

Appearance Name

:   White crystal

Common Names

:   Tetradecyl alcohol


: 170 kg Drum, 19.5 MT / Flexibag

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Technical Document

Brief Overview

Lauryl-Myristyl alcohol is also a chemical mixture of lauryl and myristyl alcohol with a chemical formula of C26H54O. The lauryl and myristyl alcohol compound represent C-12 and C-14 respectively. The chemical is a white crystal compound classified as a fatty alcohol with a colorless aqueous solution.

Manufacturing Process

The compound is fabricated by the mixing of lauryl and myristyl alcohols. The mixture is originated from the reduction of fatty methyl esters. The reduction reaction is conducted by adding aluminum lithium hydride as a reducing agent to decompose the ester into 2 alcohol based constituent. Beforehand, the ester originated from palm/vegetable/animal oil is refined, bleached, and deodorized prior to reduction. The product of the reduction is purified via distillation where alcohol with C-12 and C-14 is collected.

Cosmetic Applications

Lauryl-myristyl alcohol is used as an emollient in cosmetics. The chemical has a water binding properties that allows skin to retain moisture when applied. Furthermore, the compound is used as a thickening agent to adjust the thickness of a cosmetic product. Lastly, lauryl-myristyl alcohol functions as a emulsifier to maintain the texture and creaminess of cosmetic products. As a cleanser, lauryl-myristyl alcohol is used as a surfactant. Dirt stains and oil are removed from the surface of the skin by applying the compound and thoroughly washed with water.

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